19-year-old British soldier killed herself after suffering sexual harassment from boss

A 19-year-old female soldier of the British Army killed herself after facing relentless sexual harassment from one of her bosses. Royal Artillery Gunner Jaysley Beck, 19, was found dead at Larkhill Camp in Wiltshire in December 2021, a BBC report reads.

An Army investigation report, which came to light on Tuesday describes “an intense period of unwelcome behaviour”. The report concluded that ‘it is almost certain this was a causal factor in her death’. Beck was at the receiving end of unwanted behaviour from her immediate senior for about two months before her death.

And while the behaviour ended before her death, it had taken a heavy toll on her mental health. Beck’s mother told the BBC that her daughter had been “down” after months of harassment. 

Beck received over 1,000 messages and voicemails from her boss in October 2021 and over 3,500 in November. Beck was reportedly hesitant to report the behaviour because of how a previous sexual assault complaint was dealt with by the army. 

Beck had joined the army at age 16. The report revealed that in July 2021, she was sexually assaulted by a warrant officer. And when the incident was reported, no meaningful investigation took place.