Delhi Court grants Shikhar Dhawan divorce on grounds of mental cruelty

A family court in Delhi on Wednesday reportedly granted divorce to Indian cricketer Shikhar Dhawan from his wife Aesha Mukerji. The court found that the opening batsman was subjected to mental cruelty by Aesha Mukerji, reports said.

The court accepted all the allegations levelled against Mukerji by Shikhar Dhawan in the divorce petition and held that she subjected him to “mental agony” by not allowing him to live with his son for years, Bar and Bench said in a report.

Aesha Mukerji failed to defend herself against the allegations, the court said while granting the left-handed batter visitation rights to meet his son, the report said. 

The court reportedly ruled that Dhawan should get appropriate amount of time with his son in Australia and India, and should be permitted to video call the child. The boy should spend at least half the period of his school vacation in India with his father, the court added.

However, there was no order on permanent custody of the child.

“He (Dhawan) for no fault of his own had been through immense agony and anguish of living separately from his own son for years. Even though the wife denied the allegation, submitting that though she genuinely wanted to live in India with him, however due to her commitment towards her daughters from her previous marriage requiring her to stay in Australia, she could not come to live in India and that he was well aware of her commitment, yet she did not choose to contest the claim,” media reports quoted the judge as saying in the order.